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How many times can I enroll in a year?

It is 3 times a year: April session (2 years course), July session (1 year and 9 months course), and October session (1 year and 6 months course). You can study Japanese for up to 2 years.

How many hours of lessons are there per day?

Classes are operated on a two-shift system, morning and afternoon shift.
Both shifts have four classes (about 4 hours). Beside regular class, there are also preparation courses and supplementary classes for various exams.

From which counties the students are from?

We have students from 12 countries around the world.
Multinational students have enrolled from China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia, India, Philippine, Cambodia, Cameroon, Uzbekistan, Korea, and so on. Everyone understands each other’s culture and enjoys learning Japanese.

I want to know the short course.

The period of Short Course is usually for not more than 2 weeks to 3 months. In addition to learning Japanese, the social tour and extracurricular activities are also available in this course. There are lots of students who have applied for the long course after finishing the short course.

*Short course students are not permitted to do part-time job by law.

How much is the cost of living per month?

The cost of living is 70,000 to 80,000 yen on an average of a month, including dormitory fee, food costs, and others. When you come to Japan, it is safe to prepare about 200,000 yen for cost of living for about 3 months.

Do you have the student dormitory?

Yes, KILS has dormitory system. The dormitory is 15 to 20 minutes far from the school by bicycle. It is very convenient because there are supermarkets, convenience store, and hospitals are available at neighborhood.

Could I get your support when looking for a part-time job?

We provide guidance on how to write Japanese resume and attend an interview. We also help the students look for a part-time job. International students are allowed to work under designated criteria. The part-time job for international students is limited to 28 hours per week, so please be careful it should not make disturbance in your studies.

If I get sick, what should I do?

We will provide individual support, such as introduction to nearby hospitals, depending on your symptoms. So you can rest assured about that.

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