Kobe International Language School


1 Reassuring Homeroom Teacher System

With Homeroom Teacher System, each student will be watched over, including learning, careers, and supporting his/her mental health. If you have any trouble with your school life, you can always talk to your homeroom teacher.

2 Many variations of special classes

You will learn Japanese traffic rules while watching a video clip and using a bicycle simulator including a traffic safety class by Nishinomiya police so that you can live a study abroad life without an accident. We have a diverse lineup of special classes, which are the fire drill, the tea ceremony, the culinary exchange party, the lectures and events by the guest lecturer, the social field trips, and so on.

3 Extensive Support System

We have bilinguals’ staff who speak English, Chinese, Vietnamese, or Bengali. Our staff will accompany the students who are not familiar with Japanese language when they register as a resident, do the procedure for opening a bank account, and get sick. Please contact office staff when you are looking for a new apartment or if you have trouble in finding a part-time job.

4 Safe Dormitory

The student’s dormitory of Kobe International Language School is located in a residential area with a good living environment and it takes 20 minutes by bicycle from the school. All the rooms are bright and well-equipped as well as the place is convenient for shopping or part-time jobs.

5 Extensive Career Support

Individual career consultation by your homeroom teacher, to participate in fairs for a higher education or a job, the school briefing session, enhancement of designated school recommendations, special lectures for a higher education, company briefing sessions for job seekers, the company tour, etc. These will expand your career path.

Teaching Staff

Our professional and experienced teachers are passionately, politely, and sometimes strictly directed toward each student’s goal. We have full-time and part-time Japanese teachers, and all of them have acquired the official Japanese teaching license.

Teaching Staff

Teachers’ Voice

佐伯 明彦Teacher

Broaden your horizon through normal conversation!At this school, students and teachers talk a lot. If you can speak Japanese, you can ask questions to various people in Japan. If you can ask them, they will tell you a lot of things.
If you can have a conversation in Japanese, you can solve what you can’t solve by yourself or any kind of problem. Furthermore, you can learn about complicated and unknown Japanese culture and customs. Studying in Japan is not only an opportunity to improve your Japanese, but also an opportunity to discover Japan personally. Your horizons will be expanded through conversation and you will get to know Japan. Let us help you to brighten up your future.

野々尾 明日香Teacher

I support students who will do their best overseas!When I was a university student, I have had the experience to teach Japanese for seven months in Vietnam. At that time, I knew the loneliness of living abroad separated from friends and family. Living in a country with a different language and culture was harder than I ever expected.
International students in Japan are striving for their future by overcoming that loneliness and pain. I never forget respect for my students who are struggling with their living overseas and I will assist them in making their dream come true. I think studying abroad is a big decision in life. Let’s work together for spending wonderful time in Japan.

渡辺 茜Teacher

Let’s make progress together!Of course, I put effort into letting our students be success in exam, in the meantime, I also would like to focus on acquire essential manner and regular conversations that need to get used in Japanese life. Furthermore, not only as a teacher but also as a person, I’m aware of a sense of distance to rely on me. My joys know no bounds when I found my students’ Japanese are better than when they entered. Students whom had a variety of experiences over past two years become elegant and shiny.
I want you to go through your life where you can say confidently and with no regret, “I am glad I studied abroad in Japan”. Let’s make progress together by involving with people from different countries and experiencing what you cannot do in your home country.

横家 朋子Teacher

I always stand by you.When my student practiced interviewing for university entrance examination, he started crying because he was nervous and under pressure. I suspended his interview practice and talked with him over the days. He was so fascinating but didn’t realize it by himself. After that, he practiced how to clearly convey his thoughts toward the interviewer in Japanese over and over again. And at the end, he was better than anyone, then took the entrance examination. On the interview, the professor said, “Your stories were interesting. Let’s meet again here next spring.” My student smiled happily when he told me that and I can’t forget his smile.

藤田 志保Teacher

Make your dreams come true!What is your purpose of studying abroad in Japan? I think it depends on the person. It will probably be to enter to the next stage of education or get a job. Study abroad is an opportunity not only to study but also to broaden your horizons through living together in the dormitory, part-time job, cultural exchange, and so on.
I will do my best in order to keep you smiling from entrance to graduation. Let’s step forward to your dream once again. I am looking forward to meeting you all.

大内 美穂Teacher

Language is the most important elementsLearning a foreign language is not just about studying. Language is an implement, so they have no meaning unless they are used. Please give first priority to the speaking skill and hold the motivation in you.
I have had the experience of studying foreign language. My teacher always said: “When in trouble, in the end, the thing that helps you is only words.”
Of course, when you are in trouble, teachers will do their best to support you, but after graduation, it is your language skill that will help you the most.
Open up your future to use the element of words you got at this school!


We will support your study abroad! Studying abroad is not only fun, but it can also be difficult and difficult. I think that there is no end to anxiety every day, such as troubles caused by cultural differences, worries about studies and the future.
However, the experience of overcoming troubles at your study abroad destination will definitely help you. The experience of studying abroad will be an irreplaceable experience for both students who will continue to study or who will work in Japan after graduation, as well as those who will return to their home country.
At this school, the homeroom teacher and office teacher will do their best to support your study abroad. We will help you to make your study abroad experience wonderful. Let’s work hard together!

Office Executive


Our staff can speak English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Bengali or Hindi. They will support you when extending your visa, having trouble with dormitories or housing, looking for part-time jobs, getting sick, and so on. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to us.

  • ChouChina

    Reminiscing about the time when I decided to study abroad in Japan. I was excited and both worried about the school choice. How to apply? Fee for preparation? This must be every international student’s anxiety. Our school staffs all have experienced living in Japan for many years after studying abroad. We provide prompt and professional advices for each applicant’s unique requirements. In addition, since international students come to Japan, there are many things they don’t understand, and they need life guidance and humanistic care. These are the major characteristics of our school management. We will support international students so that they can take a solid step towards the future through fun language study abroad life and worth learning.

  • ANHVietnam

    In the autumn of 2017, I came to Japan as an international student. I spent about four years studying abroad, and I was able to experience many things and had many good memories. It was my first time living abroad, so there were many difficulties that I had to overcome. At that time, I am really thankful to the support of my teachers, friends, and people around me. From such experiences, I can understand the feelings and anxieties of international students. At Kobe International Language School (KILS), I would like to support the students who are enrolled with a sense of gratitude for the support I have received. Also, I would like to take advantage of my study abroad experience and share it with our students to face all kinds of challenges together in terms of study and life. At Kobe International Language School (KILS), there are students from many different countries, so you will be able to enjoy studying in an international environment every day where you can interact with various cultures.

  • MARUFBangladesh

    If you have a dream, if you work hard and you pray to almighty, you will really succeed. We are by your side.
    The purpose of studying abroad is different for everyone. And learning Japanese is very important for moving on to the next stage of your life in Japan, finding a job, living together in a dormitory, part-time jobs, and Japanese cultural exchange. Therefore, it is important to choose an appropriate Japanese language school. Of course, if you have any problems at our school, our teachers will do their best to support you and help you to shine and solved. And what you have learned, such as language skills, will be very useful for your safe future and secure life after graduation in Japan. We will do our best to support you from entrance to graduation with a smile. Let’s all do our best to make our dreams come true.
    May Allah help us all.

School Facility

Fashionable exterior with lots of greenery
You can pay full concentration on study because there is hygienic restroom, bright and well-ventilated classrooms, large-screen TV monitor, a common room for student relaxation, a silent library with plenty of books, a school infirmary, and the office (staff room) surrounded by the cherry blossoms and greenery.

  • Appearance of school building
    校舎外観 校舎外観
  • Reception Desk


  • Class Room


  • Library


  • Meeting Room


  • Common Room


  • Restroom


Location (School Neighborhood)

Kobe International Language School is located in Nishinomiya city, Hyogo prefecture. It’s a scenic area that was developed in the era from Taisho to the beginning of Showa and this lushly green city is also famous as the most luxurious residential area in Kansai. The former residence of the late Mr. Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., is situated in Nishinomiya. In Kansai area, where Nishinomiya city is located, there are many famous national universities, such as Kyoto University, Osaka University, Kobe University and more, and private universities, such as Kwansei Gakuin University, Ritsumeikan University, Doshisha University, Kansai University, and more.
The Nishinomiya Shrine is the head shrine, which worships Ebisu, or “The god of wealth”, near this school. On January 10th every year, the festival is held at the main hall, which is called the Shinji Fukuotoko Erabi, or “Choosing of the Lucky Man Gate Opening Ritual”. As the gates, or “Omote Daimon” open at 6:00 am, the eager visitors who aim to be the first sprint the 230 meters to the main hall. The first three to reach the finish line are crowned “Fukuotoko”, or “Lucky man”, and they will be awarded by winner certificate.
Furthermore, if you keep walking for a bit more, you can get to many cultural facilities and sport facilities such as Shukugawa Oasis Road, the art museum, libraries, Hometown Collections, Museum, Yacht Harbor, and Tennis Club.
You can access big cities such as Osaka, Umeda, Namba, Kobe or Sannomiya in just 20 minutes. You also find Nishinomiya so convenient as it takes 50 minutes to Nara or Kyoto. And it takes 50 minutes to Kansai International Airport by a shuttle bus, using the highway.

  • 阪神電車

  • 西宮神社

  • 堀江オルゴール博物館

  • 西宮市大谷記念美術館

  • 新西宮ヨットハーバー

  • さくら名所夙川公園

Kobe International Language School

6-21 Honmachi, Nishinomiya, Hyogo 662-0914





Osaka headquarter

3-4 Kita-shinmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0023
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