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We have following scholarship. It will give you financial support for your desire to learn.

  • MEXT Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed Student図

  • LSH Asia scholarship図

  • Kyoritsu Maintenance Scholarship図

  • The Rokko Scholarship fund図

  • ◆Kobe International Language School Award
    • ・President award and Excellence Award
    • ・Reward for perfect attendance
    • ・Students who have successfully passed JLPT N1 or N2
    • ・Students who passed EJU with high score, 350 points out of 450 on the subject for Japanese
  • ◆Main Examination Criteria
    • (1)95% or above attendance rate
    • (2)Grade evaluation and Grade up rate
    • (3)Class attitude and Assessment of submitted papers
    • (4)Writing an Essay (with assignment)
  • 神戸国際語言学院内表彰

  • 神戸国際語言学院内表彰

  • 神戸国際語言学院内表彰

Student Dormitory

”Having a good life” in the privileged location
Kobe International Language School’s student dormitory is located in a residential area within 20 minutes by bicycle from the school where can get standard living environment. All the rooms are bright and well-equipped. It is a very convenient place because the convenience store, restaurant or supermarket are available nearby. As a general rule, we recommend new students to live first 10 months in the dormitory designated by our school.
*For dormitory fees, please see the application guidelines.

Facilities: kitchen, bath, toilet, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, rice cooker, microwave, Wi-Fi

(1)High-rise apartment(15 to 20 minutes by bicycle)
   3 bedrooms apartment sharing with other students

  • 外観1

  • キッチン

  • 外観2

  • ダイニング

(2)Koshien Hasu no Hana Domitory (around 20 minutes by bicycle)

  • 外観

  • 内装

Special Class

School Visit

By visiting university and vocational school, students interact with Japanese students. They go to school to see for themselves and talk with school teachers and current students. That’s how it will give students an idea how they take the path after graduation.

  • 学校見学1

  • 学校見学2

  • 学校見学3

Admission Guidance Fair

We organize Admission Guidance Fair and invite the responsible person for university/vocational school enrollment. You can get a lot of latest news and information about entrance procedure, which is not listed in their Admission Guide.

  • 進学説明会1

  • 進学説明会2

  • 進学説明会3

Extracurricular Activities

We offer various extracurricular activities: experiencing Calligraphy or Kimono wearing called “New Year Celebration”, feeling the Japanese culture and history called “Autumn-leaf viewing and visit Himeji Castle”, enjoying other countries’ cuisine called “Cooking Exchange”, and many more!

  • 課外活動1

  • 課外活動2

  • 課外活動3

Cultural Tourism in Kansai


  • メリケンパーク

    Meriken Park
  • ハーバーランド

    Kobe Harbor Land

↑Official Travel Guide of Kobe


  • 京セラドーム

    Kyocera Dome Osaka
  • 大阪城

    Osaka Castle

↑Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau


  • 京都 祇園祭り

    Gion Festival
  • 夏まつり

    Summer Festival



  • 国宝長谷寺のあじさい

    Japanese hydrangea at Hase-dera Temple
  • 世界遺産 興福寺

    Kofukuji Temple

↑Nara Travelers Guide

Kobe International Language School

6-21 Honmachi, Nishinomiya, Hyogo 662-0914





Osaka headquarter

3-4 Kita-shinmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0023
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