Admission Guide
Admission Procedure
<For long term students (student visa)>
 “Student visa” is necessary to study in Japan
 This school help to request the student visa to the immigration office on behalf of the students who are admitted to enter this school.

Student Visa application procedure
 Please submit all the necessary documents to Kobe International Language School. It takes about 3-4 months from application to being issued. Starting preparation earlier is better in case additional documents to be required.

Application acceptable period
Enrollment Application Acceptable
April Sept 1 - Nov 20
July Dec 1 - Mar 20
October Mar 1 - May 20

<For Short-term students>
 We accept your application anytime (but it will be closed when the capacity is over). Please plan and contact us as soon as you think about studying in Japan.
 1  Conditions required for entrance
  1. The students who completed more than 12 years in their country (including those who will be graduated in the year before he/she comes.)
    [The students must not spend more than 2 years after they are graduated from their latest educational backgrounds]
    *Under the screening by immigration office, such type of educations like online or correspondence courses, job training courses are not regarded as academic background.
  2. The students who has N5 of JLPT or more Japanese Language level.
  3. The students who has strong will to study and has habit to study.
  4. The students who can submit certificate of balances of his/her financial supporter.

The students who fulfill all the conditions above.

 2  Couses
Enrollment Learning period
April 24 months
July 21 months
October 18 months

 3  Class hours

Class hours
:1 class= 45min.
4classes in a day
5days in a week from Monday to Friday
Class Morning Class Afternoon Class
1 9:00-9:45 13:25-14:10
2 9:55-10:40 14:20-15:05
3 10:55-11:40 15:20-16:05
4 11:50-12:35 16:15-17:00

Additional supplementary classes and interview training classes will be held appropriately. Students can use vacant rooms for their self study.

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